Beer restaurant

Beer restaurant design and pub designs ideas

History of the birth the beer business and opening of the first breweries has its roots far beyond the hundreds of years in old Europe. No wonder now to taste the best beer drinks, connoisseurs go to Germany, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Ireland. Rumor has it, of course, that it hop drink was born somewhere in the East, but we are much closer to European traditions. Creating an interior for the project of this pub, we highlighted the following points of required for execution:

The atmosphere of the Middle Ages

If before the journey to Europe so far away, it is necessary to plunge into the atmosphere of a similar directly in your city. That is why, the interior given institution made in the best traditions of medieval. You feel like a real knight of the round (or square) table and your lady will be accompanied by at least the status of Duchess.

The bar counter

The place where presents the best sorts of draft beer should be comfortable, wide and very imposing. High bar chairs allow guests to sit comfortably, to choose interesting drinks, or stay at the bar and enjoy an assortment offered by the restaurant.

Interior pub designs. Styling

The spirit of antiquity hovers in every corner of space. For production of furniture used the massive, noble wood. Stateliness and luxury of furniture given by original technology of woodcarving. Ancient utensils, illumination decorated under the light of kerosene lamps, copper elements. All variety of home decoration of medieval style immerse you in a situation of movies about King Arthur.

Arriving at the Beer restaurant, decorated in the original European style, you have a good time in any company. Can relax in the muted shades of beige walls and soft light from the original lighting elements

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