Your perfect office in the Arabian megacity

The office where you want to work

Office space should create not only the right working atmosphere, but also the atmosphere, which implies a hundred percent comfortable feeling of employees. This project of office in Dubai is one of the all projects of our team. Also the manager must take into account, how office design to increase productivity of stuff.

All the best for the customer

It is also important to remember that the area of client meetings and area open for public review shall be condition in a refined style, so dilute the overall style of modernism office beloved classics - great idea. Remember, that office design companies – it is half of success.

Office furniture is also can be beautiful

Office furniture and equipment in addition to aesthetics, must have a major nowadays in a modern is ergonomics. In this project, we use bulky items, which are at the correct placement create a sense of integrity and of more space. Comfortable, large chairs; French windows; open arched walkways indoors. Aesthetically pleasing? Yes! Ergonomically? More than!

Sharp corners and sloping smoothed forms - the combination of two contradictory geometric solutions! In this project, better than ever, you can see how sometimes is necessary to add a bit of squareness in the room rounded shape, and vice versa.

Create the mood using colors

By creating your perfect office, keep in mind as to which colors you and your stuff prefer to do a great work, and in which colors, for example, relaxing in recreation area at lunchtime. By using in this office are warmer shades, our design team thereby compensate a cold view of glass neighboring buildings, which clearly seen from the large French windows. Having refused from cold range, in favor of a warm - we created a comfort and a sense of unity in a multimillion metropolis.

Details - more than just important

And the most important moment! Be attentive to details. Any creative trifle, the creation on emphasis of textures - this is your chance to create for room a bright personality; generate a name your office just of interior design. In this project, we concentrate on the classic wood, creating harmony and union with modern interior details.

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