Lounge bar

Interior Solutions
Bar design concept

The color schemes and competent management of them

Ask yourself: in what place you likely relax after walk under the sultry Arabian sun? Most likely, you will want to "cool down", in all senses of this word. Our designers drew up this project mostly using cold gamut of colors. In this atmosphere, you have a great time and allow yourself to hide in cool, but thus not less comfortable surroundings of the lounge.

The bar counter

Therefore, bar counter design for cafe - an important component of the project facilities. As regards, the project a lounge bar - this is exactly the moment when the bar-almost half the work! This zone should be develop especially careful. The powerful illumination of the beverages without excessive stress contributes to familiarize with assortment. Note that in the area of the client at the bar counter, contrary, it creates a special effect of intimacy and privacy; it allows the client to feel most relaxed and calm.

In this part of the project, it is very important to set priorities. Despite the fact that this project is execute in cold range of colors, we are trying to add the soft light in the relax zone. It is do for the visual perception of the customer for cozy atmosphere of the area. The neon at the bar counter does not forget about modernity and creates a kind of trendy Nano-atmosphere.

Experiments with factures

Using the independent textures in the concept of the lounge bar gives an advantage. Playing with texture, in our view, necessary risk. The oak table, would seem, sufficiently independent unit, so we can said it about the great black leather, which we used for upholstery sofa. But, pay attention, how they are perfect harmonize! Do not be afraid to do something that had never doing nobody! The game is worth the candles.

Harmony and integrity

It is important to remember that risking a texture, light and other components of the project, do not forget about the unity of design café. Experiment, but do not let yourself superfluous creating an exclusive, contradictory symphony of the interior.

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