Interior artworks

Artworks design in several of interiors

Interior design allow realizing almost any customer's desires and thoughts. What to say about the number of various techniques, appearing with the growth of technology in the modern world. PSSCO artworks studio takes your wildest and bright dreams, and with its inherent professionalism embodies them into reality.

Art paintings of walls

That kind of art, where talent and harmonious outlook are undeniably important. The paintings, which the artist painted in the interior of any room - figment of the imagination of the customer, and expressed by a professional designer in the picture. Using millionth color palette, and advanced materials to create a true work of art.

Wooden items. Creation and restoration

An indelible impression on the carved wooden constructions guaranteed. First, the wood - it's expensive, beautiful and eternally. Secondly, the ability to create a unique object already allows the customer to understand his importance and individuality.

Glass paintings

Undoubtedly, one of the most delicate and painstaking techniques - is the fulfillment of an artistic design on glass constructions. Creating a mosaic of stained glass, painting of glass, partitions and panels - work that requires the hands of masters from God.

The sculptural compositions

Execution of fretwork, bas-relief device of varying complexity - a distinctive feature of scrupulous and really qualified designers. The work is complicated, but with the right experience, talent and a bit of inspiration for you creating a masterpiece.

Erase the borders of your interior; let a little imagination to overwhelm a reality, and professionals and our team made a really memorable and amazing space for you in your project of artworks in Dubai.

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