Grill restaurant

Design ideas for restaurants specifics of grill. The restaurant design concept

Manufacturability modernist style in combination with the general softness of the interior - excellent solution

Restaurant design concept suggest a deep red or bright orange color scale. Heat, the brightness of "fire" - all this creates in our minds a picture of this such a structure. Still, grill-restaurant is exquisite, in a measure sedate institution. Our team miraculously managed to combine fashion trends, comfort and rigor in this project.

Rectangular and square shapes – perfect style for a perfect place

Would be desirable to pay special attention the sharp corners of tables, chairs and armchairs. The predominance of materials such as leather, wood, natural textures for upholstery of chairs – all this allows you to feel the sincere atmosphere of warmth and hospitality.

A calm and cozy atmosphere disposes to quiet dinner, intimate conversations or even romantic dates.

The Light is never too much

Originally, added in project of lighting- chandeliers, decorated by ceramic, we understood that perfect design solution is to use a variety of shapes chandeliers, as well as decorative coloring inner surface into a dark golden color. It gives the interior a kind of proximity to the style and wealth of the East.

"Burning with fire"

It should be noted the use of decorative glass partitions, crashed into the wall. Made by our artists, drawing used a technology of painting on glass, surprised our imagination. A decorative painting of glass - it is a rare opportunity to transform any object from glass in exclusive author's works. Dividing the image from installation, giving the appearance of burning coals, we created an additional warmth and atmospheric in a restraint.

The peace and quiet – are white

White in the interior - it is always a good move. He gives many opportunities not only for interior decoration, but also for changing the space, visually moving apart its boundaries and increasing the volume. Untouched walls, white curtains and elegant vases light shade - an expression of comfort, peace and naturalness.

To emphasize the luxury….

The marble floor in restaurant design firms - it is beautiful, it is stylish, and it is expensive. The marble floor - is an indicator of solvency and respectability. It emphasizes individuality and originality. Are no two similar floors of marble, they are always different. Even two marble tiles one deposit always with a different pattern.

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