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Exterior design for cottage. Facade works in Dubai

Everyone knows the fact that the «cover» is always a bit ahead of the inner part.  Is not an exception interior design, in comparison with the work of facade design. In order to the building looked decent and surprised his beauty is needed a modern and stylish renovation of the facade.  To create the exterior designs for villas, to make in the best traditions of the east the exterior design for cottage more than the power of the team PSSCO. In view of the financial capabilities and preferences of the client, there are the following ways to finishing. Here are some of them:

Decorative plaster - the recognized standard

A long time already a favorite material and facade finishing technology of decorative plaster. The process is labor intensive, but worth it. In addition to the external beauty, this material is an excellent thermal insulation of the building.

The natural facing stone

Beauty, luxury, wealth - is the use of natural stone. It is the most expensive way to finishing, but no less popular. First, the stone is at the centuries, and secondly, an invaluable aesthetic pleasure every day!

Facing facade of brick

One of the most ancient technologies of processing the external part of the building. It is most ecologically clean, refractory, energy-intensive material. It allows the customer don’t worry about security, warmth and comfort of the residents.

Porcelain tiles - a modern choice

This is a reliable and durable material, which is not subservient to external temperature and weather factors. The chemical composition of porcelain stoneware allows him to maintain the desired climate inside the building. A plus and advantage of this facing material in a huge choice of textures and colors that will please any client.

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