Cinema IMAX Sapphire

Cinema design concept

The modern world just teeming with all kinds of technologies. And, of course, this has touched architecture and design of projects for the new generation of cinemas. Speaking about cinema design architecture, it has already not the same red velvet chairs and a huge screen, where good old man, using projector twisting black and white movies. It is a world of illusions and opportunities where you can be in the middle of the Hollywood news in a flash.

Hall Cinema

Using daring, avant-garde architecture, you can dip the viewer into the atmosphere of a movie before showing the film. It is important to use a variety of lighting techniques (for example, neon of different shades); an excellent complement to the style of hi-tech will be the use metal constructions.

Bar and relaxation area

In the project, which presented above, we use the techniques of the classic combination of white furniture, which certainly futuristic but very convenient and comfortable. The project designed for IMAX Cinema, which is simply obliged to meet the latest modern technologies in film screenings, as well as in the design of its interior. That is why, false ceilings made chrome, and columns create a feeling of subtlest glass constructions, the fragility of which undoubtedly hiding the strength of modern technologies.

Cinema room

It is very important to remember about cinema design standards and norms. At this point changed nothing. As in the old days, you must comply with mandatory rules the distance between the rows and the seats by the way, to develop a separate project on sound techniques. And also to spend a great job of illuminating part.

By choosing a qualified team of experts, you can be sure that all of the major world cinema premieres definitely will go to your theater.

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