Aquapark and SPA

Spa design concept

Speaking about the interior design in category of aquatic spaces, should be adopted not only aesthetics and look of the room, but also the observance of technology in the incarnation of the design project into life. It is necessary the installation of an important equipment, use approved materials, nevertheless always remember that it must necessarily to be pretty.

The zoning of space

The need for proper space allocation in the spa complex, as well as, for example, a water park, bears the integral profitability and income of the future project. As a result, need to achieve that the client convenient to move around the complex, was possible to relax in a cozy and quiet areas for rest, so showers were located in close proximity with saunas, design a bath and so on.

Spa design standards

First of all, the project should be developed with the use of moisture resistant and refractory materials. Maximum accuracy of selected raw materials to meet future works allow picking up materials as meeting the technology and aesthetic desires of the customer.

The atmosphere

Taking into account all the necessary rules and regulations, observing safety precautions during construction and operation, go back to the interior. Coming in the spa complex, the client is looking for a relaxing and relaxation. Create a cozy and intimate atmosphere will help the correct color in interior - the using of warm colors and harmonious lighting of different areas. It is also necessary to remember of interior items creating a feeling of comfort and harmony in the premises.
Like any of our project, for the customer this type of work be given to maximum attention to his wishes, we will find the option that will underline his bright individuality.

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