5* Hotel

Hotel design a UAE. Hotel design standards. Five stars category

The uniqueness of the hotels in this category depends on variety of factors. Depending on the country and from the tourist provisions in it, levels of five-star hotels are vary greatly from each other. Is the same "five" in Paris, cannot be compare with the "five" in the neighboring Poland, because these countries have different attitudes to the sphere of tourism. Talking about the resort towns, the competition can be endless. There is important and close to the sea, and landscaping (for example, some of the owners are doing the whole surrounding area parks, exceeding the scale of hotels). In this project, we have done next accents at the five star hotel in spa-style:

A species spaces

Great attention given to views of rooms, lobby, restaurant area and even the showers. Especially wonderful prospect enjoyed from the pool terrace. View of the open ocean excites the minds of everyone.

The natural materials

The interior design of the hotel made in a tropical spa-style, but not without expensive decor items. The partition walls made from natural wood (carving it is drawing, invented by our artists). Application of natural stone at facing, doors from exclusive strongest oak, granite floors with unique images.

Color solutions

The whole hotel made in the gamut of green and brown tones. You will undoubtedly feel like a hero of the movie "The Beach" or other Hollywood blockbuster was film in the tropical zone. Personal tropics five-star level.

A unique format of rooms

Each guestroom is different, but is execute in uniform stylistics with the hotel. Spacious areas, fabulous bathrooms! Recreation area and kitchen - the perfect space for relaxation. What to speak about the bedroom! Spending time in the room, even a pleasure.

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