Отделочные работы под ключ

Finishing works

Implementation of constructions and finishing works – it’s living comfort from Power Solutions Studio.

It’s easy to say but you should work hard to do. What could we say about repairs, painting walls, wiring and tiles installation? However, if it is doing a pro dedicated to this field with a great experience, the work will be done with pleasure, smoothly and ideal.

Saying with confidence - Power Solutions Studio are embody.

Once, working with us or just glance at our portfolio, that is our unceasingly pride, your friends and you will be convinced as well as a headache with outfit team and endless expenses will be forgotten.

Construction and repairs begins from meticulous selection and calculation of all necessary materials. We are orderliness to complete and confident that our professionals will do everything irreproachable.

If it’s design concept it will be expressed within colours, shapes and structure precisely.

Every step is stricly under control. Turnkey Projects with guarantee of high-end implementation on time.

If you have ever faced with hiring outfit team you know how they postpone the commissioning and recalculating necessity of the material, on the other hand Power Solution Studio will do from A to Z with all shades, questions and solving complicacy. Hence, high-end finishing works will be done with guarantee. Thus, supremacy repairs quality and finishing facilities is certainly to be performed in compliance with all established norms, standards and regulations, as well as using materials from leading manufacturers.

We will do Turnkey depriving you of the puzzled process, and your expenses will be counted from the economic expediency and in spite of the enormous expertise by the international level, the price remains competitive.

Power Solutions Studio has an impeccable reputation and experience to carry out construction and finishing works at the highest level.

Working with us you will be positive and confident that we turn your ideas into reality.