Interior design of the house

The interior design of the house should not possess some criteria of size, rooms number or bedrooms. Though, each of us has an idea how much space do we need, and we will discuss it with our team and embody. Modern technologies allows to build completely comfortable accommodation but once it comes to practicality - its individual for everyone. Power Solutions Studio makes your villa a harmonious and multi-functional, and when companies will get together the house turns to the decoration for communication.

House is a place where a pleasure to be

We can make the open space, its modernity. The facade will be transition to the internal area, and vice versa; the interior can be extention of the exterior.

The cottage is for a nature-lover. The design project is diligent job, as you know your house will become your fortress. Taking into account all wishes Power Solutions Studio emphasize the certain isolation, remoteness from civilization while the property located quite close to the city center, at arm's length.

A lot of things become a feature due to the fact that our masters will draw and implement artworks on high-level: mosaics, sculptures, walls and ceilings paintings. The house project will show all the things that you find most necessary as a space for kids, swimming pool, office, gym etc.

Creating interior design for house or villa we can just vizually zoning the space but in same time it is going to be huge light-filled living room, cozy dining and beautiful kitchen.

The priority for PSS — security, and selection of high-quality materials that will secure the viability of house surrounded by beauty, uniqueness and comfort.

You control everything from A to Z, meanwhile we are present knowledge utmost and all efforts that will expresses the house. It will reflect your ambitions, values and interests.