Classic interior design VS decorating by using art techniques

As often, the client has a difficult choice: to order a simple interior design or decorate the space with the help of various artistic techniques?

The question is really difficult, so we are pleased to help you to choose the work, according to your wishes and budget.

Of course, in the period of initial familiarization with various artistic techniques, scatter eyes and minds. For example, for decorating your room, you can select the following techniques: art-painting, modeling, sculpture, bas-relief, stained glass, mosaic, woodcarving and more.

Carved interior decorations perfectly fit into any decor, be it holiday house or modern office in the high-tech style. Art paintings for this period is very popular, the demand of this technique on the consumer market due to the fact, that by using this special interior decoration you easily create from the simple areas to incredible work of art.

Decorating areas with mosaics - one more surefire way to create interesting atmosphere and given the space a special harmony. Using the game colors of mosaic, you can plunge into heat or vice versa add some cool to the place of decoration.

Of course, the choice of a concrete of artistic technique is necessary to rely first on the desire of the customer, but if he has a doubt in choosing, we will gladly help you to find for him what he wants.

After selecting a style in which you see the space, we will offer you ample options of decorating, not leave without attention opportunity to consider at one place more than one techniques.
PSS specialists are ready from start to finish accompanying you in setting up your environment.

Be sure, for you will be pick up each trifle, every tiny detail, from the set that together we will create the interior design of which you always dreamed!