The correct placement of furniture in the apartment. How to start?

Most correctly to start with the selection. Because, it is not always, furniture placement can create cozy and comfortable living conditions. In particular, how to right and harmoniously has not been placed furniture, if it was been chosen incorrectly initially, then good placement does not help here.


Ergonomics of furniture is the most important thing that you should consider when you choose furniture. Of course, there is no denying that in addition to ergonomics, aesthetics and style are important to; but the functionality in life of modern man must be the first priority.

With the advent of new technologies, science "ergonomics" in the real world, holds on important place.

Experts of the company PSS are fluent in this area and with the responsibility ready to help you with a choice of rational, but at the same time comfortable and beautiful furniture.

But, let us return to the question of placement.

Suppose you chosen an excellent, multifunctional furniture. Now it is important to remember that according to the function of the room (bedroom, hallway, dining room, etc.); in all rooms, there are always the main subject of an interior.

In bedroom- it is a bed, the wardrobe in the hallway, the table in dinning, in the kitchen is a workspace.

You should to begin with the main object. One has only to try to start the placement of furniture with the main subject; you will instantly notice how the other objects in the room can easily fall into place.

If you take more globally, thinking about where concretely to start decoration, is only one answer - main thing is not to start from the hall. This is inconvenient; cluttered with furniture entrance to the apartment, will stop you in the placement of furniture in other rooms. So remember, as an axiom, that the hall modeled latest.

We would also like to add that the issue of arrangement of furniture it is quite a lengthy process, that begins just after your living space is ready, and there finished fine finish.

Having worked this issue with many clients, we can declare with confidence, before the arrangement of furniture, or rather before purchase, if possible, the customer can order the 3D- design of his apartment. Using this function, you can easily solve any problem on the creation comfortable interior in your home, and the PSS team will gladly help you with that!