Workspace interior design

How look the ideal office for the employee?

A competent design office, a true guarantee of high productivity; about this we know not just from the great British scientists. The millions of articles that talk about the work in global corporations combine all stories in one thing - high performance of staff – it is the synthesis of several factors. It includes a friendly atmosphere, meals throughout the day, the ability to distract from work, without leaving the office and so on.

The most important thing, as practice shows, is a rational and most comfortable interior design of all office space. This includes the work area, and a place for rest and meals, meeting rooms, and even restrooms. The human brain is primarily responsive to sensations. And, when a person is comfortable, he does not want to run anywhere from this area; he is ready with full vigor and enthusiasm to perform his work duties.

So, how should to look the right office?

Here are some tips from the team of PSS:

  • Using the working area must be effective

When you think that, if you leaving more space (eg indoor of the working area), you will give employees more freedom – you probably are wrong. The correct furniture placement, zoning staff working areas - the first step to a high performance. Every employee, being in the common area, must have his or her individual space, to feel protected from the external factors.

  • The colors and shapes

Pleasant colors, soft corners, comfortable furniture in zone of rest and a feed, and functional "smart" furniture, colors that are energized in working area - this is the right way to set up of staff for a positive working mood.

  • More technology!

It does not necessarily need to be the computer programs, reminding employees when and where they put one or the other document. Nevertheless, time not standing still and more functional approach to storing papers and documents significantly increases the coefficient of free working time. Try to use pictograms with images of and you will notice how actively will “boil” the work of your staff.

These and other advice about right design of your office PSS experts will tell you with great pleasure!

We will help you realize your most interesting ideas; bring to an ideal and comfortable place every one of your worker.

Work with us and job becomes for you a pleasure!