Important tips for the interior design from experts Power Solutions Studio

  • Do not ignore the light.

A light apartment disposes to communication, helps to relax. This is not necessarily to do a main accent on light decisions, it is important to use it properly. It is necessary to pay attention to the interior things, that at the correct illumination will make happy not only you, but also to delight guests of your house.

  • Experiment with furniture placement.

Most of people had an opinion that furniture should be set around the perimeter of the room. We are ready to argue! In special cases - it is a positive decision, a real opportunity to create a cozy atmosphere and at the same time saves space. Nevertheless, in most cases, if you do a little experiment with placement of furniture, it will be an additional advantage to interior.

  • Attention to the ceiling!

Do not forget about things, which do not to strike the eye. Multilevel ceilings, sophisticated color schemes - this is an excellent opportunity to increase the amount of space, or create a more intimate atmosphere of privacy. The functionality of the premises, the right mix of styles – it is really the half of success in interior design.

  • The harmony above all.

In addition, one of the most important tips, applicable to interior detail and texture materials or to the overall style of room - the space should be harmonious. Did not overdo with anything.

The PSS team specialists are ready to tell you their secrets, to apply them in reality, to create the space of your dreams, and give you the opportunity to feel the true pride of your updated or newly created space.