How interior design affects on human behavior?

Already quite a long time ago, the scientists found that the even the color of plates, what people a using for eating - brings the great importance on his behavior.

So, what talking about the color of walls, furniture, and in General about the interior design of the apartment or house.

It’s not a secret that in warm, bright colors made to dip the interior of the bedroom. And did you know, that a bit cold tints to the warmth of interior (for example, it’s maybe the color of the curtains or darker shade of parquet on the background of pastel linen), you in two, and even three times will be fresher in the morning! (Almost exclusive tip from Power Solutions Studio)

The parlor, workplace in your home – it is area of seclusion, tranquility and heightened operability. When you need to set on the correct working mood, to abstract from the influence of external sources – you will help the wood! In addition, not necessarily to buy expensive table from centenary oak; just add a few accessories to atmosphere, and you will make the interior of the working zone at the right mood.

Kitchen – a place of special Holiness and pleasure. The colors of this zone must tone up, invigorate, and at the same time calming. In general, it is proposed to use shades of red (orange, carrot, wine, terracotta), or yellow, and better his more pale tint. But everybody ought to do his own thing. So, the client can choose any shades, that perfectly and thoughtfully to start a new day at breakfast, and enjoy the passing day with dinner in a favorite kitchen in any color. There are a few tricks, secrets of how to make the kitchen better, cozier; just add a few home decoration. We will open slightly a secret - the main thing is the harmony at all.

The PSS team will develop for you the project of your apartment, house or any other premises.

We will help you to choose the color, texture, interior items; every corner of your home will create the necessary mood and decide on a course of action.