Художественные работы

Art Decoration

Good design is thorough down to the last detail (Dieter Rams)

The most creative and exciting part of your project is artwork. Interior decoration looks like choosing a dessert: everything is beautiful and wants to try. Our experts from art field, sculpture masters, artists by painting walls and ceilings will make it enjoyable and entertaining for you. We will help to choose suitable option considering project possibility and budget, leaving you with a unique decor element.

Power Solutions Studio offers wide selection of materials from marble, onyx, wood and up to the works with precious materials (gold, crystals).

Our masters can do the following:

  • Art painting
  • Stucco works
  • Sculpture
  • Frescoes
  • Mosaics
  • Carving and fretwork wood

Making each space unique and extraordinary – we recommend to use artwork and interior decoration. For instance: art painting liven up your walls and ceilings, or creating an image of cartoon characters in kids room, or illustration of city lights in night club, as well it can be nature, skyscrapers, surrealism, etc.

The stretch of your imagination can be realized.

Marble sculptures will perfectly decorate villas, gardens, lobby; bas-relief and stucco works suites commercial facilities as salons, restaurants or any kind of entertainment mall. Wooden carvings and fretwork gives to the room stateliness, wealth and luxury.

Our artworks are durable and will last you for a long time; in regards to the cost it will be strictly accounted and agreed.
It gives the final trait to charm the space; ie it is giving the nature of charisma.

Power Solutions Studio pay special attention to the decor and its implementation. In our portfolio you will find numerous samples  as colorful stained-glass windows, antique columns and exclusive mosaic.