Architecture, design and decoration in the UAE

Feel atmosphere from the first step and realize that you don't want to leave this place. The initial and intergal part of each space begins from Studio Interior Design.  High-end quality within atmosphere where you always wish to be back presented by Power Solutions Studio.

Our company works from 2008 in Saint-Petersburg and New York; since 2014 the headquater located in Dubai.

Once, Bruno Murani said: A desiner is a planner with an aesthetic sense; creation of balanced composition, multitask set up’s, lighting and range of colors, bespoke art decoration are our basic tools. Interior design and finishing works keys directions in our work.

We offer a diversity of services from Sketch to the Turnkey Solution, including:

  • Handmade sketches;
  • 3D visualization;
  • Repair and finishing works;
  • Selection of furniture or custom-made;
  • Restoration;
  • Implementation of complex visual images;
  • Art decoration of any complexity (frescoes, mosaics, stained glass, etc.).

We work with private sector as houses, villas, apartments and any format of commercial facilities - offices, hotels, restaurants, spa, gym, etc.

The most important you get working with us is:

  1. Individual approach to every new order. The style and format is your imagination, as you see your office or kitchen. Color varieties, textures, shapes will be combined in a unique project with high-end finishing works and design to express the individual design concept for each order.
  2. Expertise. If you aren’t familiar with styles either you’re inspired by two ages and don’t know how to combine it - our professionals with experience and knowledge will help, advice and embody.
  3. Impeccable implementation. Interior design studio makes alive all sketches. It is worth just to glance at the portfolio and definitely verify the quality and excellence of execution. One of the most important components for successful implementation is terms. All projects are carried out in a strict period of time approved by the client.